Bodega chef : Storyboard and first shoot.

Second half of the Sound and vdo class is to make a VDO of any given theme. We (me, Jen and Reema) chose to do a tutorial teaching ITPers how to cook easy dishes from ingredients you can find in the bodega. The very first episode we are teaching how to make “Thai basil chicken”.

We have our storyboard planned out and rough draft of how each shots should look like.




This week assignment was to start shooting, so we decided to start with the kitchen and cooking part since we already have a place to do it. The shoots coming out of the first shoot was very impressive. I can not wait to learn finalcut so I can get my first movie done.

Here’s some bloopers from our shoot

image7 image5




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2 thoughts on “Bodega chef : Storyboard and first shoot.

  1. very excited to see how it comes out. the fact that you guys are having fun while doing it really translates to the project! lighting, etc. looked great in class.

  2. Hey Kris! Seriously love your idea and the storyboard is amazing! I think this is going to be a great video with a clear purpose. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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