Paint Your Flower : Winter Show 2015

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I submitted to be the part of ITP Winter Show 2015. I want to put my project out there for people to experience it. I think it is a good opportunity for me to get to observe wider user testings in order to develop my project to another level.



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I have made a new version of the interface since the Neopixels only grabs the value from the slider. So, in terms of User Experience I have the background change once you change the slider so it would give the user more understanding of what is changing.

Flower Wall

IMG_20151219_155144 IMG_20151219_155115

In term of re-constructions the flower wall. I put the green color paper behind just to give the design more realistic and also it would hide the wires that would run through the background.

Branding & Marketing 

I developed a branding for this project so people would recognize or understand the story how it works.


Paint Your Flower : giving the user the feeling of customizing their own flower and makes them curious how are they going to do it.

I make sure that branding go through design aspects of my projects. Including invitation

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 8.25.08 PMScreen Shot 2015-12-19 at 2.15.39 PMIMG_20151217_144806

Ready for the show ! 


Here is how it works

some snapshots from users at the show



I burned down 3 Neopixels before the show because of power shortage caused by solder paste and a poor soldering job. Also, I wasn’t very careful to use 9 Neopixels in one Arduino pin without using any Capacitor.


I am very happy that I pushed myself to be in the show. I have always thought that my project was very simple comparing to how my awesome classmates and friends has created. But I am happy for how far I have accomplished from a very first day I came to ITP.

I have many visitors compliments about my flowers and also the idea of engaging people to be with art & craft more. They want to see this piece in a bigger scale, more lights and also exploring more materials just so the light could get through and it will give another feeling to the piece.

Some even suggested that what if this piece could fill up the whole room and the beauty of the flower and different colors of the light could definitely change the mood and tone of the room.

Next Step 

  • I would start from the interface to make the way of choosing color more understandable than using the slider.
  • Study Neopixels library to make it match the color the way I wanted before
  • Circuitry and power supply that carries more neopixels

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