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I have always wanted to connect craft + technology together. My final Pcomm project was an interactive flower wall ( Project documentation ) So thinking about thing I really wanna do is working with Projection Mapping and create a new experience with art and craft. I’m visualizing this project would be an interactive wallpaper where people can have fun and interact with crafts.


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  1. Kritchaya – could be fun seeing your pcomp project evolve.
    I watched the docomentation of your pcomp final-
    You can create a complicated animation and project it over the flowers.
    The animation could be pre rendered and you could either use Maxmsp to trigger it or any other interactive component that you wish.

    Take a front picture of the object you wish to project on ( paper flowers) and animate over it.
    Here is a tutorial that could help.

    Think about the interaction – what triggers the animation, how can you make it surprising?
    Think about the visuals – organic vs. digital, how they change over time.

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