Applying science to my project. 

Modern research has showed that ‘If you want to develop a new behavior, it will take at least 2 months. Starting with small step and the brain will still using the same ‘PATTERN'(of neuron responses). In conclusion, it’s not about how to change your habit. It’s about knowing your pattern and replace that with a new behavior.

My findings material has cross-over between Psychology and Neuroscience. I discovered that the mind is malleable. The key is to start small and that will set a new groove to the same pattern in your brain.


Talk with Sam Slover.

Sam Slover, Design for Data personalization teacher has suggested me to narrow down the habit to pick a ‘specific’ habit. Whether to do new habits or stop bad habits. That will be a starting point to develop this project further on.



Science Alert


MAT Model


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  1. I totally agree with Sam that you need to land on something specific to change. But I think what also needs to be addressed is why/how the use of technology will impact this process. In what scenarios are behavioral change most successful (outside of prison and torture and threat)? Once you land on these scenarios – what can you extract from them and use in your project? How can the technology amplify this process – i.e. what can tech provide that will allow this process to possibly be more successful. We’ve learned how maleable the brain and by extension our senses are – how can you exploit these vulnerabilities/strengths to create a pathway toward behavioral change?

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