PDS : Prototype (Class presentation and feedback)

This week in Project development class, I presented my prototypes regarding the idea of

” shaping morning ritual”





Design 1 :

I was wrapping my head around the idea and decided to give myself some contraints. So I know I want to play around “geometric” shapes, the object should be some sort of symbol as a reminder, counting of time and it should have to give notification to the user.

So I started from looking for 3D shapes that is appealing and imagine putting those functions that I want in it. How this pentagon shape is gonna work is

It will lit up 1 hour before bedtime as a reminder to shut down work time, screen time and preparing yourself for bed.

And in the morning it will work as a display to tell you how many hours you were sleeping.

The takeaway is to let the user keeping track of their healthy sleep to power thru the morning and being fully rested.


Design 2 :

Developing from the first idea. I have found that the way you wake up effects your minds more than you think. To have a healthy wake up you should be gradually waking up not abruptly waking up from loud alarm. Some study said that it is better to wake up with energetic but yet peaceful sound or vibration would also be better than loud noise.

I adopt that for my second prototype. This design contains 2 parts. 1. is the base and 2 is a buzzer. The way it works is

  • 1 hour before bed the base and buzzer will either lit up or make noise as a reminder for you to prepare for bed.
  • You will have to take the buzzer and place it under your pillow.
  • In the morning at the set alarm time, the buzzer will vibrate and the only way to turn it off is to return the buzzer to the base which you could placed it at another corner of the room.

Also, this should response to the studies that I’ve found but I am still not sure about the interaction / action that requires the user to do. I am curious of how to encourage other activity for a more successful method for waking up.

I researched more about successful people morning routine, brain waves and bedtime activity. I found out that most of the reason that gets morning people waking up fresh is what they did the night before. You have to have at least 7 hours sleep in order to have fresh morning and being productive throughout the day.


Comments : 

  • The new ios(10) came out with the app called “Bedtime” which is turn off all notification for you and all the calls will automatically to voicemail.
  • The way that I did self-experiment to shuts off all electronic devices worked for me, classes suggested that I should develop the idea from there.
  • Gustavo added that the science behind that findings is electronics screens create blue lights which is bad for your retina. It is highly advice to turn off all the screens 2 hours before going to bed to set your brain waves at a calm mode.
  • Eve suggested me to look around the product that has been done already and tweak the way from there. Because there are a lot of types of ‘alarm’ product in the market.
  • Becca , Paula, Adi added to me that to choose whether ‘morning routine’ or ‘before bedtime’ is crucial and it would get me on more focused track.

Next Step : 

  • Research more on brainwaves, neuroscience of how the neuron travels at different stage of activities.
  • Find ‘precedent’ of the idea
  • Look more on the projects, product or platform to find their ‘big idea’ and see if their models works or not.
  • Choose one big idea and go from there.

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