Pitch + Project Skeleton

After I got great feedback from the class that I should build something out off my self-experiment successful experience. So I dig deeper to secondary research with neuroscience and got really interested in tapping smell and behavior. I looked into certain smell that affects different activity in your brain. eg. Lavender makes you calm.

I send out survey about morning and bed time rituals to see which group of people I should target on. I build a skeleton of the project presentation to wrapping my head around the idea and organize them. My next step is to narrow down (again) for which direction. I was a little skeptical about using technology with calm + mindfulness. But after consulting a lot of people including go back to how I practice mindfulness growing up, I am more open and see that technology could be a ‘tool’ that ‘suggest’ the steps for people and not ‘forcing’ them to do certain stuff.

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