Data Art : Text Analysis

“Time management”

I call this piece time management because my family members are now living in different places…. for the first time.

Only my dad and mom are at home, Bangkok.

I am in New York City

my younger sister just moved to Berlin

and my youngest sister just started college so she’s living in a dorm which is  an hour away from Bangkok.

We use this application called “LINE” it’s a free text message and VDO call.  With the different timeline I started to see the pattern for the best time to communicate with the whole family at the same time.

with that, I want to make some sort of sculpture or something that represents the ‘overlap’ time for me and mom and dad, me and my younger sister and my youngest sister and my mom.

I use Bangkok timezone as the main timezone which is GMT+7  and compare that to New York and Berlin timezone which are GMT -4 and GMT+2 respectively.


I started from layed out the timezone diagonal and match the time and the gold line represents conversation everyone has with Dad and mom (Bangkok timezone). And extra one each sides that is paper cut, represents private conversation I have with my sister and my sister and me.


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