Week 2 : LED controller

Assignment:Lighting controller

Make a device to control a light. Use an RGB LED as a stand-in for a larger lamp in class. Your device should support the following actions:

  • A control to turn the light on and off. When it turns on, it should retain the relative red, green, and blue brightness levels from when it was last turned on.
  • The ability to fade each color channel (red, green, and blue) from off to full brightness
    • Fade level should be maintained when you release the fade controller
    • Fade should be interrruptable by other controllers, e.g. on/off or another fade controller
  • The ability to fade the overall brightness of the light


Inspiration: http://cozo.co/

I want to make a lamp that could create a light installation on the wall in a dark room. The brightness of the LED will change the clearance of the pattern. Colors will set the mood and tone of the whole room.

LED  Neopixel Flora V2



I started from using Neopixel library’s example code and hard code to make the brightness work first.


Add potentiometer to control brightness.

Code :


( Coming soon )


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