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Fall2015 / Comlab Animation with Marianne Petit

Animation rough cut

Kris – First half Jamie’s┬ásecond half

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Animation : Creative Elements

This week assignment for animation class is to have all the asset ready to be animated. Before Thanksgiving me and Jamie divided our works into 2 parts. Jamie edited the song into roughly 1.10 minutes and I will work on Illustrator from our sketches. After Thanksgiving break, we put together our sketches and assign transformation […]

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Final : Stop motion animation

After received feedbacks from the last class. Our team (Jason, Cristina and me) worked together for final touch of our ‘Circle of Type’ piece. Revisions : Picked different part of the song, We ended up working with the beginning of the song where the tones is slower. Paused and zoom in some frame to emphasize […]

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Animation : Concept, Idea and Sketch

Next assignment for animation class is to create an animation with after effect. I teamed up with Jamie Charry (Jamie’s ITP blog) and we’ve shared our inspirations and ideas. We agreed on making a music vdo and have some elements playing with the beats and lyrics a little bit. References The song that Jamie likes […]

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Initial Draft : “Cycle of type”

This weekend our team has been dedicated the time for Animation shooting and editing. Me and Cristina worked on the preparation part which is laser cut characters we need in the animation and figuring out the motion of each ones for continuity. We underestimated that it won’t take really long like 3 hours max. and […]

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Storyboard : ‘ Animation with paper’

Animation class just started last week (and I’m so excited about it). I’ve always wanted to do stop motion animation with my paper craft so I’m using paper as my object. and since we will be working with partners I’m glad my teammate all agreed to work on it also. Here’s the storyboard after we […]

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